Laboratorium 313

We are specialized in aquatic plant tissue culture. Production of in vitro plants for aquarium.
We invite to cooperation wholesale, shops and aquascapers!
Laboratory also produce fruit plants.

Laboratorium 313

is connection of advanced technology and care about environment. In our production we use no pesticides or any harmfull chemicals. All used nutrititients are fully absorbed by plants – nothing is wasted! Our plants are free of algeae, snails, diseases and parasites. Thanks to special growth medium formulation for production of several dozens plants we need only 100 ml of water. Pants grow vertically so production do not tak so many space as in greenhous. Tissue culture plants are future!

Storage of tissue culture plants

Plants should be storage in temperature 18-20 C with lighting 3250 lumen/m2. Temperatures over 25 C can shorten storage time. In optimal conditions plants can wait for sale for months! Cups with plants can not be open during storage.

Tissue culture plants – benefits for shops

For sure great advantage for shop owners is fact of low storage costs. In vitro plants do not need any care or service works as potted plants. Plants on shelves can wait for purchase in the same way as other items like filters or foods. Plants need only some lighting and place with lower temperature. All cups have nice, colourfull label with basic informations about plant. Buyer do not need help of staff becasuse all he need is on etiquette. Staff can spend saved time on other activities.

How to plant?

  1. Take out plants
  2. Remove gel under running water
  3. Divide clump on portions
  4. Plant it in soil
  5. Enjoy fast and healthy growth!